Sports law

Patricia MOYERSOEN and Nicolas BÔNE

MOYERSOEN Avocats’ main clients include professional and amateur sports clubs, professional athletes and sports agents as well as national and international sports federations.

The firm has extensive experience in sports law, being one of the first law firms in France to have specialised in this field.

Club Restructuring

  • Creation of sports companies and sports associations
  • Drafting of contracts linking sporting companies to the club’s support association
  • Partnership contracts with public authorities

Negotiation and drafting of sponsorship contracts

  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Naming contracts
  • Image rights contracts
  • Brand license agreements

Negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to professional athletes

  • Employment contracts of professional athletes
  • Sports agents’ contracts
  • Player transfers and loans


  • Contracts relating to the occupation of stadia and sports facilities
  • Contracts relating to the operation of stadia

Sports litigation

  • Defence of clubs and athletes before national federal bodies (legal commissions, disciplinary commissions, appeal boards)
  • Club defence before the national management control bodies
  • Defence before the French administrative courts (Administrative Court, Administrative Appeals Court and the Conseil d’Etat)
  • Defence of clubs and athletes before the federal international authorities (FIFA, UEFA, Europe Rugby, World Rugby)
  • Defence of clubs and athletes before national sports institutions (CNOSF, AFLD)
  • Defence of clubs and athletes before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne) and the Chamber of Arbitration for Sport (Paris)

National and international disputes between clubs and between clubs and players

  • Litigation related to player transfers
  • Disputes related to training compensation and solidarity contribution
  • Disputes related to players’ salary arrears
  • Litigation related to the termination without just cause of the employment contracts of the players