Labour law

Christine RUAULT

MOYERSOEN Avocats has particular expertise in the very specific field of labour law applied to the sectors of sport, media and entertainment

Drafting of employment contracts

  • Fixed-term or permanent contracts specific to the sport and entertainment sectors
  • Contracts of artists and professional athletes

Regulations specific to sports and entertainment companies

  • National Collective Agreement on Sport, Charter of Professional Football, Collective Convention of Professional Rugby and other collective sports
  • Collective agreements for entertainment and audio-visual companies

Litigation related to dismissals and breaches of employment contracts

  • Defence of companies and employees before labour courts
  • Negotiation and drafting of transaction protocols

Litigation related to social security contributions

  • Litigation related to URSAFF, AGESSA, etc.

Collective relations

  • Collective status of staff (procedural rules, unilateral commitments, application of collective agreements, etc.)
  • Collective bargaining (drafting of an agreement on the organization of working time, planning and management agreement for jobs and skills, agreement of method, professional equality agreement, right to the disconnection, telecommuting, …)
  • Law of Representative Staff Institutions


  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Protection of personal data, ethical codes, computer charters